Seabury Projects

Manitos Archetype Posters

Natasha Vasquez created these posters as part of a summer internship and a Seabury Fellowship. They are depictions of Manitos Archetypes from northern New Mexico and southern Colorado.

Manitos Placemats

These placemats were created as part of the Manitos Community Memory Project. They will be used in local restaurants in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado to help educate and inform children about their Manitos heritage.


  The Seabury Fellowship Award is a stepping stone for me to pursue my dreams of opening a music school in Las Vegas. I have plans of turning this program into a non-profit organization. This whole process has set me up for success, and brings a much-needed program to this community. I am forever in …


Seabury Fellow Elizabeth Lynch presents her project. A comic book about an interracial Navajo teenager growing up on the reservation in Arizona.

Loteria Posters

Johnny Alvarez Seabury 2011 Loteria Posters

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This experimental film was created by Shane Flores as part of his Seabury Fellowship, New Mexico Highlands University Media Arts and Technology Program. Watch on Vimeo

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Phantoms of a Rail Town

This video was created by Shane Flores as part of his Seabury Fellowship. His research eventually lead to an exhibit at the City of Las Vegas Museum about the Chinese immigrant experience in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Watch on Vimeo