Quantum Computing Explained!

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As part of her internship with the Bradbury Science Museum, Cultural Technology intern Gabriella Smith, created a short animation to explain quantum computing.

3-D Models for Roswell Museum of Art

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For their summer internships, NMHU Software Systems Design Students Scott Bing and Robert Garner created 3-D models of artifacts and created a model of the original WPA theater for the Roswell Museum of Art.

Cafe Y Atole in Spanish

Cafe Y Atole in Spanish is an Animation by Natasha Vasquez– This animation in Spanish highlights the trovo Cafe y Atole. It was created as part of an internship for the Manitos Community Memory Project.

The Doomed Balloon Flight of S.A. Andree

Albuquerque International Balloon Museum
The balloon flight of S.A. Andree
Interactive Touch Tables

KUAUA: An Ancient City by the River

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KUAUA: An Ancient City by the River
PICT 2015, Coronado Historic Site

Just up the river from Albuquerque, New Mexico sits the ancient city of Kuaua, long thought to be the point of first contact between the Spanish explorer Coronado and the Pueblo Indians around the year 1540. It is also the site of beautiful painted murals found inside of a ceremonial Kiva.

Video by Shane Fores, Chris Killion, Monica Garcia, Kerry Loewen, Jeff Burdick, Andrew Shephard.