Acadia Interactive Rail

Acadia National Park
Interactive Rail

In this exhibit, visitors compare and contrast sounds of Marsh life and Open Ocean ecosystems. We used Museduino, our own open-source system for building exhibits. The rail is embedded with buttons to trigger over head speakers and LED lights to illuminate the left and right side of the exhibit panel.

Acadia Bird Matching Game

Acadia National Park
Bird Matching Game

In this exhibit, visitors are invited to match a shorebird’s egg to its image. The egg is embedded with an RFID tag, which when read correctly, triggers the sound of the bird’s call. The wrong egg triggers a “incorrect” sound clip. Each set is stand-alone, so highly motivated visitors can get a cacophony of north eastern shorebirds calling out.

Coronado Historic Site

PICT 2015

Professors Miriam Langer, Kerry Loewen, and David Mendez guided students through the redesign of the Coronado Visitor’s Center in an intensive six-credit program. Students put in long hours collaborating with others to achieve professional level results.

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Science of Cities


PICT 2013

PICT was once again conducted in partnership with the Santa Fe Institute, with funding provided by the Delle Foundation. PICT students created the exhibit The Science of Cities for the Santa Fe Children’s Museum.

The following is a stop motion video was made during PICT 2013 to showcase the museum’s new Makerspace as part of the Science of Cities Exhibit, a collaboration with the Santa Fe Children’s Museum.

Stop Motion Video
Makerspace at the Santa Fe Children’s Museum


PICT 2011

Students created the exhibit Emergence: A New View of Life’s Origins for the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science in Albuquerque. The exhibition, which is still on view at the museum, showcases emerging research conducted by scientists from the Santa Fe Institute.

Fashioning New Mexico

PICT 2009

The first cohort of PICT students produced multimedia, interactive, and hands-on components for Fashioning New Mexico, the inaugural exhibition of the New Mexico History Museum in Santa Fe. Its grand opening was in May of 2009.