Ft. Seldon

Johnny Alvaraz

Ft. Seldon
graphic design for wayfinding and other signage

Weather Lab

Albuquerque Balloon Museum
Weather Lab interactive design

design by graduate student Eli Menchaca


While the Roswell Museum and Art Center, intern Naomi Padilla completed a three-fold brochure of the museum’s Aston Collection. The brochure contains animal illustrations, activities, and features the museum’s mascot, Biff Beaver. Naomi is currently still working at the Roswell Museum where she plans on completing five redesigns of collection maps for the Aston.


While working at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) in Socorro, New Mexico, intern¬†Naomi Padilla¬† completed many design projects. There she made a Jansky lecture poster series, completed a t-shirt design, and drew a mascot to represent the NRAO’s Very Large Array, a huge assortment of telescopes that detect radio waves from space.


Turning animation projects into e-published documents for online distribution.

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