Who should apply to be an AmeriCorps Cultural Technology member?

Graduate or undergraduate Highlands Media Arts students with 12 credit hours or less remaining towards their degree will be able to apply for minimum-time or half-time placements (300 or 900 hours). Recent graduates of the program will be eligible for placements that are minimum-time, half-time or full-time (300, 900 or 1700 hours). We are strongly committed to diversity. Students from economically disadvantaged and underrepresented minority groups are encouraged to apply.


What will AmeriCorps Cultural Technology members do?

Members will serve at local museums and other professional settings where they will design and produce exhibit graphics, videos, interactives, websites, publications, and collateral materials and participate in all aspects of the process of organizing exhibitions.

In addition, all will be required to register for the Cultural Technology Mentorship class each semester of their placement. During bi-monthly class meetings, this 400/500 level course will include assigned readings, research, class discussions, field trips, and guest presentations. Job placement training will include discussions with professionals about job opportunities and expectations; mock interviews; and development and review of professional portfolios. Another aspect of the training class is an orientation to AmeriCorps history, program goals, and expectations and reading, writing about and discussing the notion of civic responsibility, and the ethics of service.


What will Cultural Technology members learn?

Members will gain a deep knowledge and understanding of career opportunities in Cultural Technology, the emerging field at the intersection of new digital media and cultural content. In addition, they will gain important skills from their supervisor/mentors, faculty advisors, and coursework. The community of members will also be able to learn from each other’s diverse backgrounds and perspectives, help each other troubleshoot and solve problems they encounter in their various workplaces, and focus on the issues and challenges confronting the cultural industry in a rapidly changing world. Finally, they will acquire the hands-on experience and self-confidence they need to enter the professional workforce.

What pay and benefits will AmeriCorps Cultural Technology members receive?

AmeriCorps Cultural Technology members will receive a stipend and benefits for their service. The stipend amounts are $21,250.00 for full-time placement and $10,675.00 for half-time placement and $4,250 for a minimum-time placement. Full-time interns will also receive health care, child care and interest-free student loan deferments. Upon successful completion of service, members will receive a Segal AmeriCorps Education Award to help pay back student loans or the cost of tuition for continuing education.

In addition to the other pay and benefits members will also receive college credit and opportunities to showcase their work in professional setting. Finally, AmeriCorps members will have the satisfaction of incorporating national service into their lives and knowing they have made a positive difference in their community.

What happens after the program?

Members will receive coaching on how to search for and land jobs, including using the AmeriCorps Cultural Technology Program website’s Job Opportunities page. This page will include a listing of current Cultural Technology-related jobs and links to job opportunities posted from local and national employers. Members will also have access to career services at NMHU for help with resumes and job applications.

Why should I become an AmeriCorps Cultural Technology member?

You will gain valuable experience and on-the-job training, learn and apply new skills in a real-world professional setting, receive personalized coaching to pursue your career goals, and build relationships with a diverse network of local professionals in museums and the cultural industry.


How do I apply?

1. Contact Lauren Addario at laurenadd@gmail.com or call 505 454-3239 or apply online
2. Go to https://my.americorps.gov/mp/login.do
3. Click on Apply to serve
4. Create a profile (steps 1-4) make sure you indicate that you will accept emails from this system
5. You will receive an email from recruitment, follow the link and create a username and password
6. Login to your account to complete the application
7. Select create application and complete steps 1-8
8. After you have created your application, search listings and apply to the service opportunity that best suits you. You can apply for more than one service opportunity