Publications & Presentations



Memories of Migration, exhibit blog

WWII Veteran Interviews for the New Mexico History Museum, A blog by AmeriCorps Cultural Technology Intern Jacob Erickson

“Howdy Partner!” The Transformative Power of Museum-University Partnerships, Museums and the Web 2013

Hot Button Issues: Using Technology to Address Topicality, Uncertainty, and Controversy in Science, Museums and the Web 2012

Hands on DIY communications with Arduino, Ethernet and Xbee and Kinect Hacking: Sensing, Museums and the Web 2012

Sensors and Micro-controllers to Augment User Experience, Museum Computer Network 2011

Meet the Arduino Micro-controller & Group Build Session, Museum Computer Network 2011

Employment rate of Americorps interns compared to students without Internships

The Effect of Media Arts Americorps Internship Participation