03/21/19 Students in Media Arts Program App for Los Alamos Trails

06/19/18 Graduate of Media Arts Plays Key Role in Building New Meow Wolf Exhibits. 

06/11/18 Media Arts Interns Make Their Mark at Cultural Institutions

10/12/17 Three Media Arts students receive Seabury Fellowships

07/14/17 New Exhibit ‘Secret Pass’ Opens

12/15/16 Highlands Students to Create Manhattan Project Exhibits for New National Park

12/12/16 Students in Media Arts Create Historical Chinese Immigrant Exhibit for Las Vegas Museum

09/14/16 Students in Media Arts Help Preserve New Mexico’s Heritage


03/02/16 Media Arts AmeriCorps Interns Create Multi-Sensory Exhibit

08/21/15 Media Arts AmeriCorps Intern Helps Develop Climate Change Exhibit for LANL

05/04/15 Media Arts Students Help People Experience Ancient Pueblos

03/29/15 NM student works with MIT to create cough monitor

10/2/14 Students Help Preserve New Mexico’s Heritage

8/28/14 Media Arts Grad Wins Global Photography Contest

7/1/14  Parachute Factory featured in New Mexico Magazine

7/9/14 Students’ Work Aid World Heritage Sites

6/27/14  HU Media Arts Graduates Present at NOW conference

6/19/14 HU Grad lands job at major Natural History Museum

3/5/14- Students Design National Hispanic Cultural Center Exhibit

1/23/14- Media Arts Graduate Featured in MAKE Magazine

9/9/13- Media Arts AmeriCorps Interns Showcase Work

2/11/13- Media Arts Students Travel to Cuba for Cultural Exchange

2/7/12- Loewen Curates Exhibit for Las Vegas Arts Council

3/7/12- Students To Design Electronic Fashion for Symposium

4/11/12- Media Arts Students Rework Gym for President’s Gala

7/26/12- Media Arts Students Shine at New Mexico Museums

8/7/12- Media Arts to Offer Courses at Museum in Albuquerque

9/24/12- Media Arts Students Present at International Symposium

10/16/12- AmeriCorps Interns Showcase Cultural Technology Work

11/29/12- Media Arts Faculty, Students Present at Tech Conference

1/31/11 – Media Arts Named Program of the Month for NM Volunteerism

10/21/10 – AmeriCorps Awards Grant to Media Arts Program

11/23/09 – Media Arts Recognition

02/03/10 – Seabury Fellowships Awarded 2010

10/28/09 – Interactive DWI Installation

09/16/09 – Seabury Fellowships Awarded 2009

08/27/09 – Cokeley Scholarship

11/23/09 – Media Arts Recognition

06/22/09 – Summer Internships 2009

05/13/09 – Media Arts Graduate Shines

03/02/09 – “Fashioning New Mexico”

01/29/09 – “Almas de la Plaza”

12/14/08 – “Almas de la Plaza”

09/17/08 – Interactive View Camera for O’keeffe Museum

06/03/08 – Lucky Number Seven

02/20/08 – Emergence Exhibit in D.C.

01/31/08 – “Lucky Number seven”

11/20/07 Emergence Exhibit in Los Alamos