Parachute Factory

MarianoMariano Ulibarri


Parachute Factory is a storefront maker space in Las Vegas, New Mexico, founded in 2012 by Mariano Ulibarri as a community-university partnership when he was a graduate student in Media Arts at NMHU. Our goal is to elevate the community through hands-on experiences in technology, art, and culture. The name Parachute Factory pays tribute to the community memory of the Jayval & Navajo Textiles parachute factory, where women who hadn’t been in the workforce learned to sew parachutes as a contribution to the Korean War effort.



Parachute Factory is an innovative university-community partnership that offers maker programs and training for interns and organizations interested in starting up their own makerspaces. Community support comes from local chapters of Rotary and the American Association of University Women, as well as numerous private donors. Read more about Parachute Factory